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Saturday, December 16th 2017. 04:54 AM.

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Bulk Molecular Sieve 13x for adsorbent purpose

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Bulk Molecular Sieve 13x for adsorbent purpose

Posted on: 06-04-2017

Molecular Sieve 13x is used for advanced adsorbing technology to protect the liquids and gases from the changes of internal and external environment conditions. We put main emphasis on manufacturing the most effective desiccants and adsorbents to solve all types of oxygen, moisture and humidity control issues.

Sorbead India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of molecular sieves desiccants to the clients across the globe. We are world-leading expertise in providing excellent and quality moisture and oxygen protection solutions.

If anyone interested in our product then visit our website or contact us
Website : http://molecularsievedesiccants.com/


Phone: 9904204261


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