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Wednesday, November 22nd 2017. 06:21 PM.

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Buy Silica gel 60-120 mesh for chromatography

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Buy Silica gel 60-120 mesh for chromatography

Posted on: 26-07-2017

Column chromatography is an adsorbent that works effectively in adsorbing, separating and purifying the organic products and pharmaceutical drugs. This type of adsorbent works on a thin layer of chromatography, where the stationary phase includes the thin layer of silica gel or aluminum oxide on a glass plate. It is used for the large scale of compounds that need to be separated from contaminants or unwanted compounds.

Silica gel we provide for Column chromatography:
Silica gel 60-120 mesh
Silica gel 60-200 mesh
Silica gel 70-230 mesh
Silica gel 100-200 mesh
Silica gel 200-400 mesh
Silica gel 230-400 mesh
Silica gel 400-800 mesh

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