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Health Benefits of Ajwain or Carom Seeds

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Health Benefits of Ajwain or Carom Seeds

Posted on: 11-01-2017

In this article you will discover the amazing benefits of consuming ajwain or carom seeds. Ajwain is easily available in the Indian household and acts as an effective natural aid for a wide range of health issues. Your mother or grandmother hands out few carom seeds or bishop’s weed to you every time you have a stomach upset, and you feel relieved.
Relieves pain due to migraines
The thymol content in carom seeds has a healing effects to migraine patients. Whenever someone has migraine pain then the fumes of burned or crushed seeds will provide the amazing effects. Some Ayurveda doctors especially recommend to sniff the fumes of ajwain or applying its paste on the head helps relieve the pain due to migraines. People suffering from migraine can put ajwain powder in a thin cloth and smell this frequently.
Heals the indigestion issues.
High levels of thymol present in this amazing seed aids the release of gastric juices from the stomach and thus, speed up the process of digestio

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