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Dr Monga
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India, Delhi, delhi, 110024
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020 at 4:52:42 PM India Standard Time

If you are looking for Ayurvedic Treatment of Hairloss/Hairfall ,no one is better than Vaidic Acharya Mongas PanchakarmaTherapy Centre in Delhi

They provide leech Therapy for Hairloss Treatment which is 100% natural and no side effects at all If you are not aware of Hairloss Treatment through leech therapy, Don’t worry you may find it Here or you may call them at:- 8010931122

In Leech Therapy the blood Circulation is regained in Upper layer of skin which helps in Regrowth of Hairs Medicinal leeches come with three jaws with tiny rows of teeth They insert anticoagulants through their saliva by piercing a person�s skin with their teeth The leeches will then be allowed to extract blood from the patient for some 20-45 minutes. This is only a small amount of blood and will be up to 15 millilitres per leech. Mostly, these leeches are from Hungary or Sweden. Leech therapy is used under several situations. For example, whose leg is amputated due to diabetes, those diagnosed with heart problems and even people undergoing cosmetic surgery during which they lose blood clots and varicose veins

Leech therapy is a treatment using medical leeches Leeches remove blood from their host, and they release pain killing and blood thinning substances with their saliva Indications for treatment with medical Leeches blood and skin diseases like neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, acne vulgaries, hair loss (Khalitya) and etc Jalukavacharana is a type of Raktamokshana which is very much useful especially in Pitta Dushti conditions and Rakta dushti roga Current treatment procedures which include surgery, hair transplant, hormonal replacement therapy, topical applications and may be treated by local steroid injections are associated with many side effects But in Ayurveda, the treatment procedures mentioned like Vamana, Nasya,

Mukha&Shiro Abhyanga, Pradeha, Siravedha, and Raktamokhana using with Jaluka can provide a simple, pain less, economical treatment for this common element

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