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Dr Monga
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India, Delhi, delhi, 110024
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Friday, February 28, 2020 at 3:45:49 PM India Standard Time

Are you looking for an authorized panchakarma centre or a Panchakarma therapist doctor near you in Delhi.Dr Monga Panchakarma Therapy centre is providing effective results through Panchakarma Therapies.
They are serving effective ayurvedic treatment since last 70 years in various areas of National Capital Region Delhi.
They have expert vedic achryas for various therapies including vamana Therapy,Kashya therapy,virechana therapy for effective treatment of vaious deseases.
Panchakarma is preffered for its long lasting treatment with no side effects at all.
Panchakarma therapy is both preventative for healthy people to maintain and improve excellent cellular function, and curative for those experiencing disease. It is a highly complex and sophisticated science of purification of the body/mind channel systems, and is therefore best supervised by a senior Acharya or ayurvedic physician.
Ayurveda views poor metabolism as the key to build up of toxins which is the cause of many complex diseases.Panchakarma treatments are highly effective in eliminating  ama produced during metabolic process and also impurities accumulated in the body. panchakarma treatments help the body to release and eliminate toxins completely and rebalance the doshas that are out of balance due to the accumulation of toxins and metabolic wastes.
Call now and enquire about all your doubts regarding panchakarma therapies and panchakarma Centre :- +918010931122