CAS 28578-16-7,PMK POWDER

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jane liu
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India, Bihar, hefei, 230000
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Monday, August 1, 2022 at 12:18:10 PM India Standard Time
Job Type remote
Salary 3000 Rs.

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We transport the goods for 4-9 days. The pruducts are high purity and high quality.our company looking forward to cooperating with you,and celebrate long-term.


Main products:

Cas 20320-59-6 bmk oil Diethyl(phenylacetyl)malonate

Cas 28578-16-7 pmk ethyl glycidate

Cas 40064-34-4 4,4-Piperidinediol hydrochloride

Cas 79099-07-3 1-Boc-4-Piperidone

Cas 148553-50-8 Pregabalin

Cas 5449-12-7 2-methyl-3-phenyl-oxirane-2-carboxylic

Cas 49851-31-2 2-Bromo-1-phenyl-1-pentanone 

tetramisole cas 5086-74-8

levamisole cas 14769-73-4

boric acid cas 11113-50-1

tadalafil cas 171596-29-5

1-(Benzyloxycarbonyl)-4-piperidinone cas 19099-93-5

lidocaine hcl cas 73-78-9

lidocaine cas 137-58-6

2-iodo-1-(4-methylphenyl)-1-propanone cas 236117-38-7

procaine hcl cas 51-05-8

Benzocaine HCl

benzocaine cas 94-09-7

phenacetin/ acetphenetidin cas 62-44-2

Diltiazem cas 42399-41-7

CAS 93-02-7 2, 5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde

methylamine cas 593-51-1

1,4-butanediol cas 110-63-4

Gabapentine CAS 60142-96-3