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India, Kerala, kozhikode, 673305
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Monday, July 26, 2021 at 12:10:58 PM India Standard Time

ArrowHead Technologies Private Limited is an ERP consulting organization. We are an experienced consultant with an illustrated working history and worldwide client base. Success stories are from Africa, the USA, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. Our aim is to provide services in Business Intelligence, Cyber Security, Enterprise Resource Planning, AI and Expert Systems, and Hospital Information Systems. 

We are a bunch of ERP specialists skilled in databases, Business Process, Requirements Analysis, and Analytical Skills. Experts with a great functional knowledge of various domains are waiting to help you grow with your business. 

We offer Artificial Intelligence with Expert systems, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The combined experience of a hassle-free Hospital Information Systems is our guarantee. We partner up with a world-class partner to implement top-notch Hospital Information Systems. 

Data is the prime asset of modern-day business. Our experts are busy in data protection through routine analysis of possible intrusions and threats. Our experience of more than 30 years in various ERPs in different sectors helps you find out the right foot forward. Our Hardcore experience in various reporting tools and Business Intelligence always makes us a standout. We go to the Kanban framework in our methodologies and project management.    

No need to worry about post-implementation service and support, we are there for you because we value your business.