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Sumit Jain
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India, Delhi, Delhi, 110034
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Friday, February 24, 2023 at 4:08:42 PM India Standard Time

The standard 8 mm dia specimen is held in special holders at its ends and loaded such that it experiences a uniform bending moment.

The specimen is rotated at 4200 rpm by a motor. A complete cycle of reversed stresses in all fibres of the specimen is produced eduscope during each revolution.

This machine is light, compact and simple design used to test the fatigue strength of materials and draw S-N diagram used eduscope for research institutes, laboratories, material manufacturer and various industries.

Table model, no need of foundation.

Total number of revolutions at which the specimen fails are recorded by a Digital counter.

An interlocking system puts off the motor at specimen failure.

This is a rotating beam type machine in which load is applied in reversed bending fashion.

The bending moment is applied with a lever system and can be easily changed by moving a weight over the lever.


Website: https://eduscopeindia.com/