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Smile Dental and Implant Centre
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India, Andhra Pradesh, hyderabad, 500062
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Friday, March 3, 2023 at 4:19:53 PM India Standard Time

Root canal treatment is a procedure that is done to save the root of a tooth from decay or infection. This procedure will help you avoid having to extract your tooth and replace it with a crown or an implant.

Root canal treatment is usually done if your dentist determines that the pulp (the nerve inside) of your tooth has become infected. The pulp is the structure that contains nerves and blood vessels, which are essential for the normal function of the tooth.

More than 40% of patients who have root canal treatment experience pain relief after one session, which makes it a popular option for dental offices.

Traditional Root Canal Treatment cost in Hyderabad:

Traditional Root Canal Treatment cost is between INR 4500-INR 7500 and Laser Root Canal Treatment cost is between INR 5000-INR 8000.

Root Canal Treatment at Smile Dental and Implant centre:

If you are facing a toothache or discomfort caused by tooth decay, then you should book an appointment at Smile Dental and Implant Centre. We offer the best root canal treatment in ECIL, AS Rao Nagar, Sainikpuri, Dammaiguda, Kapra, and near locations. At Smile Dental and Implant Centre, our professionals make sure that your dental problem is taken care of as soon as possible. Book an appointment today to get rid of any pain or discomfort caused by a toothache or tooth decay. EMI option was available.

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EMI Available on all Dental Treatments.

Book your Appointment: +91 73965 29265

More Info:

Location: H.No.1-1-308/8, Plot No.8, 1st Floor, K.Rathod Jewellers,Sri Ram Nagar Colony, near Kapra circle, Saket Road, ECIL, Hyderabad