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Vikash Kumar
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India, Delhi, Delhi, 110060
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Monday, November 6, 2023 at 3:30:26 PM India Standard Time

There is no set amount of time that will guarantee your decision to pursue UPSC preparation 2024 because the syllabus is so vast and extensive that even after investing at least one to one and a half years of your life into it, you will feel unprepared and desire additional time for study.

If you begin preparing for the UPSC exam right away, you will have at least 12 months, or over a year, to do so. If you put a lot of hard work and effort into your preparation, this will be enough time to begin preparing for the second-toughest exam in the world. You should be thrilled to begin a new chapter in your life since it will enable you to dunk your toes into the sea of information.

However, we should consider several practises that one might adopt to begin their preparation, such as:

Start by becoming familiar with the UPSC syllabus.

Examine last year's papers to get a sense of the format.

Pick your sources carefully, and keep a running list of books for all topics.

Create a schedule for achievable weekly, monthly, and daily goals.

Pick your optional subject appropriately because it has the highest weight in terms of marks; it can make or break your preparation.

Practise Mocks and keep tabs on your development. You have a choice of offline or online test series. For this exam, test series are crucial because they help you prepare in a time-constrained manner and give you a sense of the paper pattern. From the prelims test series, you can learn a lot about how to cover a subject in depth.

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