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sudhir arsude
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India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, 400069
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 4:51:09 PM India Standard Time

Learn Graphology and Understand Secrets of Human Mind Through Handwriting


What is Graphology?

Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) is the tool which helps you to understand subconscious of a person from just a piece of handwriting. Graphology can decode more than 2000 behavioral traits from handwriting and signature. 




Course Content: 


•  What is Graphology?

•  Rules of Graphology

•  Advantages of Graphology

•  Limitations of Graphology

•  Margins

•  Zones

•  Size

•  Handwriting Pressure

•  Slants

•  Spacing

•  Connectivity and Dis-connectivity

•  Baseline

•  Signature

And much more...







Mr. Sandip Arsude

•  He is a versatile personality with many admirable qualities. He completed his education in MBA from MIT College and PGDACM from Symbiosis College Pune.

•  Researched and identified handwriting traits that reveal diseases and physical challenges.

•  He is doing continuous research to identify various health issues through handwriting.

Analyzed more than 3 Lacks handwriting samples.

•  He is working for various courts across India. (In the area of Handwriting and Signature verification.

•  He has trained more than 300 primary school teachers under Rural Empowerment Project in Bhiwandi (Mumbai).

•  Radio channel BIG FM Mumbai aired his interview on the subject of Graphology - Handwriting Analysis.

•  Institute is having students and clients other than India from countries like - Australia, Canada, Germany, USA, England and many more countries.

•  Pioneers in conducting Handwriting Analysis courses for employees in MNCs like Infosys, Tech Mahindra, BMC Software and Persistent.

•  Conducted seminar and workshop in Pune University for Psychology students.

•  Conducted seminars in Modern College for Psychology students.

•  Conducted seminar in Dr. D. Y. Patil college for Psychology.

•  Conducted seminar in M I T college for E and T engineering students.

•  He taught this unique science in the B-School of Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence (MILE – College), Pune as a course subject for two years.

•  Conducted workshops for Thought Works Pvt. Ltd,HDFC, Wipro, and Reliance Mutual Funds, etc.



Date & Time: 

Every Sunday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

5 Sundays




Any person with age more than 14 Years.



What you will Learn?

•  Why a person faces failures in life? 

•  Why a person fails in relationship issues?

•  Why a person faces financial crisis?

•  Why a person can't get along with people around?

•  How to make goof work life balance? 

•  And answers to more such questions...

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