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rPinnacle Pune
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India, Maharashtra, Pune, 411015.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 4:57:56 PM India Standard Time


Are you a Research Scholar, looking for any assistances for your Ph.D Guidance, PhD Assistance and Publications. We,’Rpinnacle’ assists in Topic Selection, Synopsis (Proposal) Writing, Implementation, Paper writing & Publication (SCI/Scopus), Quality Thesis or Dissertations (Plagiarism below 10%), Patent Registration and Citations.


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 We “Rpinnacle” is one of the Best PhD Service Providers in India for all the Engineering streams (CSE, ECE, EEE, IT, IT&E, Mech and Civil) and Management analysis using SEM and ANOVA. Implementations using MATLAB, PYTHON, R , NS2/ NS3, JAVA etc.,


Our Feasible Domains

·        Artificial Intelligence (Machine and Deep Learning concepts)

·        Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations

·        Image Processing (Forgery, Biometrics, Multimodal Biometrics, De-Noising, Object Recognition and Classification Issues, etc.......)

·         Cloud Computing (Security, Scheduling, Load Balancing Problems, and so on.....)

·         Communication Engineering (MIMO-NOMA, MASSIVE MIMO, Cognitive Networks, Cellular Networks, etc....)

·         Power Electronics (Converter Tuning, Design, and so on....)

·         Power And Energy System (Distribution Systems, Smart Grid, PV-Based Optimizations, etc...

·         Video Processing (Surveillance Videos, Real Videos and Others concerned with Object Recognition, Security, And So On)

·         Signal Processing (EEG And ECG-Based Disease Predictions, Audio/Speech Signals, Speaker Diarisation, and so on.....)

·         Mobile Computing

·         Life Science and Health Care

·         Geosciences And Remote Sensing

·         Renewable Energy Systems

·         Scheduling And Optimization in Networks/Cloud

·         Soft Computing

·         Networking (MANET, VANET, Iot, WSN, WBSN,.…)

·         Data Mining

·         Big Data Analytics (Hadoop, Mapreduce, Spark,.....)

·         Knowledge Engineering (NLP, Sentiment Analysis, Recommendation Systems....)

·        Blockchain, Churn Prediction, Stock Market Analysis,...)

·         Weather Forecast, Agricultural Activity-Related Predictions

·         Software Engineering (Test Suite Minimization, Selection, Flaw Detection, And So On)

·         Online Fraud/Illegal Activities Monitoring and All Other Engineering Related Domains.             

·        All M.E. Projects.

·         All Management Research Topics

·        Logistics and operations

·        Business Analytics

·        Management Technology and Innovation

·        Marketing

·        Resources Management and Sustainable Development

·        Social Entrepreneurship

·        Corporate Responsibility, Ethics and Accountability

·        Human Resources Management

·        Hospitality Management

·        Business Management

·        Organizational Behavior

·        Training and Development

Business Environment and Corporate Responsibility