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himanshu naidu
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India, Maharashtra, Mumbai, 400064
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 5:48:35 PM India Standard Time


Healing Through The Navel Therapy - Nabhimantra Skin Care Belly Button Oil is made with the virtue of Ayurveda which contains no toxic substances. Your bellybutton has the capability to identify dried out veins and supply oil to them, thereby eliminating contagions. It strikes the right veins and provides the right amount of nutrient to make your skin glow from within. Nabhimantra skin oil an ayurvedic oil assists you to purify the blood, detoxifying body, improving blood circulation, assuring healthy skin and a clear complexion which occurs due to improper diet, stressful lifestyle, and pollution.



Prunus dulcis

Curcuma longa

Olea europaea

Vitis vinifera

Persea Gratissima 



Reducing dark circles below the eyes

Eliminating wrinkles

Get the skin soft and agile



Nabhimantra Skin Care Belly Button Oil helps to build more powerful resistance, nourishes the brain, reduces joint pain, improves mobility and helps in weight loss. It also improves cholesterol levels and improves hair quality.


Why Choose US?

100% Original and Reliable

No side effects

No harmful chemicals

No artificial fragrances

Made with high-quality cold-pressed oil, ayurvedic Siddha oils and natural herbs.

ISO and GMP certified FDA approved


How to use:-

Apply 2-3 drops of required Nabhimantra oil on your belly button before you go to bed at night.

Allow it to penetrate by rubbing it in a circular clockwise motion for better results

Do not forget to clean your belly button in the morning



Kindly implement oil on your hands first and keep it for 10 min. If you do not find any allergic reaction, you can proceed by using the oil. In case of any reaction, consult your doctor. Do not practice this method if you are pregnant or a lactating mother.