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Dws Jewellery
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India, Rajasthan, jaipur, 302022
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Monday, April 3, 2023 at 2:07:29 PM India Standard Time

The silver jewellery manufacturer in Sitapura Industrial Area takes pride in having a heritage that goes back several generations. A significant number of families DWS have passed on their knowledge and expertise making from one generation to another. The manufacturing units here are equipped with modern technologies, which have enhanced the processes involved in the product.

Associated Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of silver jewellery in the Sitapura Industrial Area is done in different stages. First, the raw material is melted in a smelting pot, and then it is poured into a cast, which gives. Its desired shape. This is then cleaned and polished before it goes through the actual design process.

The artisans in such regions are known for their excellent craftsmanship skills, and they create intricate designs by using various techniques. The tools they use include small hammers, chisels, and punches. They create various textures and finishes on the pieces, such as shiny, matte, or hammered textures.

Characteristics of such regions

Furthermore, the artisans also use different stones topaz, turquoise, and amethyst to adorn them; making them even more exquisite. These precious stones add to the aesthetic appeal of the pieces.

In addition to producing traditional ones, many manufacturers also produce contemporary designs. The designers incorporate modern elements such as asymmetrical shapes and unique finishes to give it a contemporary look.

Due to the excellent quality of silver jewellery manufactured, the industry has grown significantly over the years. Moreover, the industry has provided employment opportunities for many people in the area, leading to economic development.