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Anil Jain
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India, Haryana, Ambala, 134003
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Monday, April 17, 2023 at 1:17:24 PM India Standard Time

The Dissecting Microscope is used for demonstration, close study of small organisms and fine dissection work. 

The stage is provided with spring stage clips and, has a Glass Plate with arrangement for inserting white/black metal plate for respective background. 

Detachable hand rests on both sides of the stage provide for a steadying support during dissection. Complete packed in strong Cardboard box.

The high-eyepoint lenses on a jointed arm allowing the whole stage area to be scanned. 

Substage plano-concave mirror reflects sufficient daylight & artificial light on the object. 

The Rack & Pinion Mechanism is operated by a knob on either side. 

Optics : 10x & 20x;.

Optional : Wooden storing carrying case

Object : Stage Size:85mm x75mm.


Product Link: https://www.pharmacylabequipment.com/microscope/junior-dissecting-microscope

Website: https://www.pharmacylabequipment.com/

Email: sales@pharmacylabequipment.com