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Vikash Kumar
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India, Delhi, Delhi, 110060
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Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 2:57:58 PM India Standard Time

Almost lakhs of students chase their dreams of becoming future IAS/IPS officers and working towards becoming public servants, but has anyone considered what would be the best age of life and optimal one also for making such a decision? No matter when someone decides to go on this journey as part of their life, intense IAS coaching after 12th is necessary for all of the above. Some people made this decision while still in school, while others may be working towards graduation, and yet others may be in their professions.

There is no question that those who began thinking about preparing for this exam while still in high school or after graduation have plenty of time, so what they need most is to act wisely. After observing their journey, they will receive plenty of opportunities from different institutions that will be guiding them every step of the way and throughout the exam. yet choosing the ideal option from it is what is required right now. For example, to better understand this issue, we may use the example of one of the most respected and well-known organizations, EDEN IAS, which is working on more comprehensive programs that will aid in developing a strong foundation for all beginners comprehensively.


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